Maintaining your body safe and sound requires regular consultations with dedicated experts or undergoing preventive care at least once in a few months. Often, insurance plans have an option to cover such services at no charge at all, or without making co-pay for certain procedures or medical examinations. The same applies to patients who have not met their yearly deductible as well.

As of now, all plans issued via Marketplace (insurance launched under the program of Affordable Care Act, or else called Obamacare) cover certain preventive care services and make them completely free of charge for patients.

If you obtained your coverage through or Marketplace, click below to get to know more about free options with us:

  • Preventive care for Adults
  • Preventive care for Women
  • Preventive care for Children

Those individuals who have their insurance plan issued under another source, in particular with broker or employer, may need to pay for services as far as 100% coverage may not be still available. However, in most cases, even traditional plans may fully cover preventive diagnostic.

If you want to find out the eligibility for coverage of these services or understand whether your plan is on the list of our accepted plans, address these inquiries to your insurance provider or an issuer. Otherwise, call our experts that will be more than happy to assist you with this concern.

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