We have never been so proud of our services aimed to keep our clients and patients healthy than now. Bayfront Clinics consist of five urgent care centers located in the St.Petersburg. We offer fast and qualitative care near your home. Serving and promoting medical care for more than 30 years in Pinellas County, we offer a great variety of services that are applied to affect, moderate or treat illnesses, work, and sport-related injuries. Besides, with us, you can undergo the required diagnostic and testing. Other specialized options, you find with us are:

  • Emergency Care;
  • Occupational Health;
  • Free of Charge Services.

Walk-in Services

Having worked many years on promoting and enhancing innovative medicine, our patients have access to the following medical solutions:

  • Occupational Health. Are you an employer? Contact us to deal with your personnel work injuries. We guarantee you the fastest returning of your employees to the duty.
  • Sport and School Physicals. Option for students who enter school or start sporting activity.
  • Electrocardiogram. In case of chest pain complaints, undergo testing with us and receive a detailed explanation from one of our physicians.
  • Digital X-ray. Only accurate images, and expert report on the required treatment.
  • Laboratory testing. Receive the results within one to two days only.
  • HIV diagnostic. Only confidential results.
  • Free of charge blood pressure checkups. Now, at all our offices.

Additional Materials

If you want to get to know more about our services or general recommendations and information on various health conditions, visit our Health Library page, and find materials that might be of interest to you.