At our Bayfront Facilities, you do not need an appointment. Located near your home, we have flexible hours to accommodate your medical needs.

Each of our locations has a wide range of services to affect or treat your illness or injuries without charging exorbitant prices. When should you visit us? Find the list of common health conditions when we encourage you to visit our clinics for fast treatment or medical diagnostic. We accept major insurance plans!

Aches and pains. Any such manifestations may alert you about illness, infection or trauma. Our physicians are trained enough to spot severe causes.

Allergic reactions. This problem may occur for many reasons such as poor nutrition, medication side effect, dust, pollen, and so on. Do not wait for the miracle, allergy may lead to more serious problems.

Asthma attacks. The right treatment to moderate the attacks can be determined at our clinics. Do not think you cannot leave with this illness like a normal person.

A bladder or kidney infection. They are caused by a bacterial infection. Let us determine the location of the problem, and we will choose the fastest solution to bring your good feeling back.

Bleeding. Both internal or external bleeding is caused by trauma. Somehow, internal may even lead to fatal consequences. In case of such manifestations, with us, you will be sent to the emergency department, and we will stop it as soon as possible.

Broken bones. Digital X-Ray is available in all our clinics. After that, we will provide you with splints and crutches if necessary. If further treatment is required, you will be sent to the Sports Clinic or orthopedic specialist.

Abnormal headaches. If you overview a simple headache that prevents you from healthy and stable living, we may detect the problems that cause it. Let us prevent the first symptoms of migraine.

Hives or rashes. Both of them are very uncomfortable and cause much stress. We may spot the causes that can be stress, medications or allergens, and choose the right treatment.

Respiratory conditions. They are many, the same as their treatment options. Bronchitis, pneumonia, and again asthma are common in our clinics, and we know how to affect them relieving supporting pain.

Cold or flu. Are you experiencing fatigue, running nose, headache, fever, constant sneezing and Visit us for a flu test and we will determine which health conditions you have at the moment.

Sinus Infection. Do not mistake it as a cold. It won’t just go away, so you need the right medications and procedures.

Sore throat. We again may provide you with the rapid flu tests as well as rapid strep tests in our facilities.

Sprains or strains. Protect your ligament and muscles from additional pressure and pain. Our dedicated experts will choose the supporting medical equipment that will bring you back to the healthy state as soon as possible.

Vomiting and nausea. Do not think it will simply go after some time. They both may be caused by poisoning, vertigo, illness. Of course, do not forget about pregnancy. Bayfront clinics offer pregnancy testing, consultation, and planning.