Together with raising awareness of patients’ healthcare services and directions in the treatment, Bayfront Clinics provide online users with detailed and informative materials. Find information for your concerns, and follow the links to reveal efficient tips. Videos, articles and other sources that come in handy.

Blood Pressure

This coward medical measurement may hide many both positive and negative conditions. If your blood pressure remains unchecked, and you do not undergo preventive care regularly, it may lead to illnesses and different ailments that only deteriorate life. Stroke, heart attack, and failure are the most common manifestations of high blood pressure. Stop this silent killer by following preventive measures. Find the links below to get to know about it more.

  • The clinical picture of blood pressure;
  • Preventive measures;
  • Useful medications.

Cholesterol Level

There is always a lot to say about this substance found in a body. Its high levels lead to the occurrence of illnesses, one of which is heart disease. Annually, it kills more than all cancers combined. However, you can prevent its imbalanced condition by following a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and applying useful medications only if a doctor determines such a direction in treatment. The drugs used are helpful to keep cholesterol levels under control, and accordingly, they decrease the risks of experiencing any of the heart diseases. Find the links revealing the methods of affecting the level positively.

  • About cholesterol;
  • Healthy eating habits;
  • Weight concerns;
  • Sport to prevent diseases;
  • Quit bad habits;
  • Medication.

General Health/Prevention/Healthy Habits

Get to know more about general healthcare advice, and learn how to prevent illnesses and adjust to a balanced lifestyle.

  • General Health

Men’s Health

Information for all conscious men regardless of their age. Find how to maintain male power by eating right, exercising, and following preventive measures. Click the links to reveal more details.

  • Glossary of male medical terms;
  • Men’s health clinical picture;
  • Prostate;
  • Weight problems;
  • Sexual life;
  • Animations;
  • Medications;
  • Videos.

Occupational Health

Promoting a healthy working environment is a must in any civilized society. Thus, it is crucial to identify, prevent and control the risks of any physical, chemical and working hazards. The below-mentioned links are aimed to reveal some truth about occupational services, solutions, and advice from the experts.

  • Occupational lung diseases
  • Occupational asthma;
  • Tips for a safe working environment;
  • Prevention of injuries.

Older Adults

Regardless of any lifestyle, every person ages with time. To determine the potential risks and prevent them when getting old, it is necessary to follow healthy habits and undergo various medical diagnostics. Find the links on informative articles and videos to find out about health conditions elder people may come across.

  • When you consider yourself older adult;
  • Health-related concerns;
  • Long-term planning;
  • Caregiver information;
  • Home, health & hospice care;
  • Medicare;
  • Medication;
  • Videos.

Pediatrics/Children’s Care

A desire to provide your children with the best concerning everything is a healthy approach to raise them. Starting from proper nutrition to efficient discipline lessons. Find the links on everything you need to know about pediatrics.

  • Glossary of pediatric terms;
  • The clinical picture of pediatrics;
  • Teens;
  • Parenting tips.

Women’s Health

Women nature is a coward thing, menstruation, giving birth, and hitting a climax are some pillars inherent to most of the ladies. Learn how to know your body functionality, follow healthy eating habits, and stay active. Find the links revealing details on how to be attractive both in appearance and health condition.

  • Glossary of women’s medical terms;
  • Breast health and illnesses;
  • The clinical picture of women’s health;
  • Planning a pregnancy;
  • Climax;
  • Weight concerns;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Plastic surgery;
  • Medications;
  • Videos.

Wound Care & Healing

No one is protected from injuries and wounds. Thus, it is important to know how to take care of them and affect with medications or other medical procedures. Find the link on basics related to wound therapies.

  • Wound Care