Bayfront Clinics are right near to your business doing everything to ensure you have a healthy working environment. With our five easily accessible clinics, we provide quality medical care for your workers. Flexible hours of operations, and everyday activity allow you to avoid making appointments. Reach us from anywhere in Pinellas County.

Our Programs

Understanding your needs allows us to help your employees have great control over healthcare services costs. The same we understand how it is important to return employees who receive treatment to work fast. However, in case an injured patient cannot return to duty within the shortest period, we will encourage the application of light-duty programs.


To provide you with the latest news about one employee’s health condition, our automated reports on one’s employee working ability are directly sent to you. The same system applies to communicate with the employee’s compensation carrier, who is notified after each visit. For any other inquiries, physicians are always happy to answer your questions.

Bayfront Clinics are looking forward to cooperating closely with companies to alert them about the medical status of any worker.

Our Occupational Services Consist Of:

  • Urgent Services for Employees Injured at Work;
  • DOT Physicals;
  • OSHA Services;
  • Vaccinations for Employees;
  • On-site Services;
  • Wellness Programs.

Additional Resources

Want to get to know more about occupational health? Find below informative materials about this topic.

  • Lung Diseases Caused at Work;
  • Asthma;
  • Tips for Maintaining a Safe Working Environment;
  • Prevention of On-Site Injuries.